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Students can:

  • Connect with the natural environment
  • Conduct authentic research
  • Become stewards of property within their community
  • Develop an environmental awareness
  • Present their work at BNL

Students in grades K through 12 are involved in authentic environmental research on properties in their own communities, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for open space within their neighborhoods. Each June students and teachers who participated in OSSP are invited to BNL for an OSSP evening celebration at which students display and present their work to teachers, parents, scientists and others in the environmental community.


Teacher Benefits Student Benefits School District Benefits
  • Enhance the relevance of their curriculum with activities and concepts supportive of many state and national teaching standards
  • Provide curriculum relevance through the collection of data and participation in a meaningful scientific endeavor
  • Enhance teacher skills through workshops, peer interaction and by working with experts in the field
  • Venue for students to conduct and present independent scientific research
  • Learn scientific protocols, analytical techniques and data collection and analysis skills
  • Develop a sense of civic responsibility as they become an integral part of stewardship of lands within their own communities
  • Public recognition of student achievements
  • Strengthen science and math programs
  • Data collected will provide important information for state, county, town, etc., to enhance stewardship
  • Enhance the learning experience for students and teachers through an interactive relationship with environmentalists, scientists, and government officials
  • Create an interface between students, government agencies, and elected officials through student presentation of data, conclusions, and emerging issues
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